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Become a Participating Investment Manager Sponsor
To ensure the creation of impactful connections, TCFG has allocated a limited number of slots for Investment Managers. Complementing this, a rigorous policy for participant attendance will be diligently upheld. This approach guarantees that Investment Managers can maximize valuable "face time" interactions with the attending Financial Professionals, fostering an environment of quality engagement and meaningful networking.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Becoming a Participating Investment Manager requires meeting the following essential eligibility criteria:

1. Active Offering: You must possess an actively available offering.
2. Offering Management: You should hold the role of the offering manager.
3. Regulatory Standing: You must not be under any ongoing enforcement investigations or be associated with recent or pending regulatory issues.
4. Offering Requirements: Your offering must meet specific minimum prerequisites. These may include:
                   Offering an "RIA share class" priced at Net Asset Value (NAV) or excluding an adviser commission within its load.
                   Providing annual valuation reporting for your offering.
                   Establishing a mechanism to integrate data into the Firm's accounting software. This integration can be achieved                               through various methods such as DTCC, DST FanMail, direct data feeds, etc. If this integration is not possible, you                             should outline the approach for reconciling your offering for billing and reporting purposes.
5. Distribution Transparency: If your offering involves distributions, it is necessary to transparently indicate the allocation of the distribution into the return of principal, dividend income, and capital gains.
6. Agreement to Terms: You must agree to abide by the stipulated Terms and Conditions.
Adhering to these criteria ensures a robust and qualified pool of participating Investment Managers, fostering a collaborative and compliant environment.

​Pricing to be a participating Investment Manager for the November 2023 conference:

DIAMOND - $10,000

Join us at the top with the best sponsorship package we offer.

Premium Exhibition Space: six-foot table, draped, dedicated for private meetings with each TCFG Financial Professional. We also add in the unique "speed dating" format so you can quickly connect with every TCFG representative.

Comprehensive Access: Receive two conference attendee passes for seamless networking and participation.

Exclusive Insights: Before the event starts, we'll send you a list of everyone attending and their contact details (this comes after you've made the payment).

Branded Swag: Branding on conference merchandise or swag like attendee bags, T-shirts, and lanyards or other giveaways distributed throughout the event.

For networking, you'll be part of a private dinner or cocktail party for DIAMOND sponsors. It's a great chance to chat with top speakers and TCFG Financial Professionals.

A brief company profile is included in the event program.

Brief welcome comments by your company rep at the start of a general session.


Unlock prominent exposure with this elite sponsorship tier, tailored to offer an edge while ensuring value.

Exhibition Spot: You get a six-foot booth, ideal for connecting with TCFG Financial Professionals. While it's not the "speed dating" style, it's a dedicated space where meaningful conversations can happen.

Event Access: Receive two passes to the conference, allowing for extensive networking opportunities and participation in the main events.

Prep Ahead: We'll hand over a list of attendees a week before the conference. You'll have names and basic details to help you identify potential connections (details sent upon payment confirmation).

Brand Promotion:

Your company will be featured in the event program.

Have a representative from your team introduce a breakout session or a workshop.

Your logo will be visible on screens between sessions, ensuring regular brand exposure.

Networking: While the event will be dotted with networking opportunities, as a GOLD sponsor, you'll have exclusive access to a unique session. This is where TCFG Financial Professionals have allocated free time to have dedicated one-on-one interactions with the GOLD sponsor group. It's a golden chance to delve deep into meaningful conversations without the rush.

Branding Touches: Your logo will hold a prominent spot in the conference book, ensuring attendees recognize your contribution. Additionally, during the meals you sponsor, we'll make sure your logo is displayed prominently, allowing attendees to associate your brand with the delightful dining experiences.

Gold: $2,500  

Step up your visibility with our GOLD sponsorship tier, designed for those looking for substantial exposure without the higher tier commitments.

Exhibit Area: We'll set you up with a highball table in the exhibit room. It's a space where you can showcase your offerings and chat with TCFG Financial Professionals, albeit in a more open format.

Conference Access: With the GOLD package, one representative from your company will receive a pass to the conference. Dive into the sessions, network, and make the most of this opportunity.

Stay Informed: Before the big day, we'll make sure you get an attendees' snapshot. It's a list highlighting the companies and key professionals attending, so you know who's in the room.

Visibility Boost: Even though a full page in the event program isn't part of this tier, we'll ensure your logo finds its place in a dedicated section for GOLD sponsors.

Your brand will also get periodic shoutouts on screens during session breaks.

Networking: While the exclusive cocktail party is reserved for the top tiers, there will be numerous other networking moments throughout the event for you to leverage.

Event Presence: Your company's logo will be displayed on some shared event collateral, like group banners, ensuring attendees associate your brand with the event's success.

Tailored to offer meaningful advantages, the GOLD package is ideal for those who want to be part of the event's fabric and connect with its attendees.

By crafting the offerings in this manner, the DIAMOND sponsorship level is designed to provide a premier experience with exclusive engagement opportunities, followed by the PLATINUM and GOLD levels. This approach ensures that the top-tier sponsor receives a tailored and distinctive experience that aligns with their elevated investment.

Payment and Participation Details:

To confirm your participation, kindly proceed with payment upon receipt of the invoice.

Your participation in the conference and/or Study Group is contingent upon the full receipt of payment.

Kindly note that failure to submit full payment by October 1, 2023, will result in forfeiture of your reserved participation slot.


Additional Costs:

The outlined pricing structure covers the attendance of up to two (2) participants per Investment Manager. Additionally, one (1) more participant per Investment Manager can join for an added fee of $250.


While the sponsorship fee includes provisions for meals and beverages during the conference, it's important to be aware that travel and accommodation expenses are to be covered independently. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to secure accommodations at the conference-designated hotel, benefiting from a discounted group rate.

Allow TCFG to handle your hotel reservations for your convenience. Kindly input your details on the registration page. 

Ready To Register?

Contact Us if you have any questions.

If you're interested in becoming a participating Investment Manager, please complete the following steps:

  • Complete our Investment Manager Registration below.

  • We will send you an invoice. Please pay promptly.

  • You will be asked to complete our Offering Questionnaire for each offering you would like to introduce to forum participants. Your answers will be used to create an offering fact sheet for distribution to all Financial Professionals attending the conference. Feel free to submit this at any time. We will let you know when our publishing deadline nears.

  • Upload a company logo for the Conference materials and any presentation materials Sponsorship Materials 

Venue and Travel Information ~ TBD

***Shipping for Booth items***


Participating Sponsors must complete the following registration application. Please complete all fields with an asterisk.

Your form is not submitted until you see "Thanks! Your form has been submitted".

Attendee Registration

By submitting this agreement your firm agrees to invest and take part in The Certus Financial November 6 -8, 2023 national conference. The Partner understands its role and commitment during the conference according to the investment amount selected below and that planning and attendance will be coordinated with TCFG. TCFG will invoice the Partner upon receipt of this executed agreement (if applicable). Participation will be secured upon full receipt of payment.

Thank you. Your Registration is Complete.

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