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Welcome to TCFG’s Compliance and Business Development Conference, an exclusive gathering designed for TCFG Registered Investment Advisers and Representatives, also referred to as "Financial Professionals." It is important that you carefully review the following terms, as they delineate the criteria for attendance, covered expenses, and those that will be your responsibility. Utilize this page to complete your Conference Registration and RSVP for the Study Group.

Criteria for Registration and Acceptance

In order to ensure adherence to compliance guidelines, participation in the conference will be granted exclusively to Registered Financial Professionals who meet the following conditions:

Each participant must presently hold an active affiliation and registration with either the SEC or FINRA. Verification of active registration should be evident in the IARD's Public Disclosures Database (SEC Advisor Registration) or FINRA BrokerCheck (FINRA Broker Check). Participants who are not registered will regrettably not be able to attend.
Kindly indicate your comprehension and acknowledgment of the above by initialing the provided space in the form below.

Hotel and Meal Expense Terms

Each participant is entitled to enjoy a complimentary hotel room for a duration of two consecutive nights. Your accommodation arrangements will be handled by TCFG, facilitated through the provided registration questionnaire. To qualify for this offer of a two-night hotel stay, registration completion is required prior to September 10, 2023.

It's of utmost importance to note that attending the entire conference is mandatory in order to accrue the continuing education credits required. The event's sponsors generously extend their support to cover the following expenses for participants: 
Hotel Room: The sponsorship conference encompasses the costs associated with the hotel room for the participant's stay.
Event-Related Meals: Sponsors also cover the expenses for meals related to the event.

However, it's essential to bear in mind that any personal incidentals, including but not limited to room service and mini bar items, will be the participant's individual responsibility. In this regard, a credit card will need to be furnished to the hotel upon arrival for these potential additional charges.

Please signify your comprehension and acceptance of the above terms by initialing in the designated space on the provided form below.

Exclusions from Covered Expenses
While TCFG has made comprehensive efforts to defray significant costs, it acknowledges the potential for participants to encounter additional expenses tied to this event. Noteworthy exclusions from the coverage encompass, but are not restricted to:

Ground Transportation: Costs linked to commuting between the airport or hotel and the event venue.
Parking Fees: Charges associated with parking arrangements, as well as expenses for meals and refreshments during transit.
Guest-Related Travel Expenses: Expenses pertaining to the travel of guests, potential upgrades in airline or hotel arrangements, personal entertainment endeavors, and expenditures connected to communication.
Please take these exclusions into account as you plan for your participation.

Attire Recommendation:
Embrace a business casual dress code for the conference, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. Considering the anticipated California weather in the 60s, your comfort is paramount. For real-time weather updates, kindly refer to the homepage. Your choice of attire will ensure you feel both confident and at ease throughout the event.
Venue and Travel Information
John Wayne airport (SNA) is the closest of the 3 nearby airports. John Wayne Airport is about 30 minutes north of Dana Point. San Diego and LAX are a considerable distance with traffic. If using LAX count on a 2 hour commute.

***Shipping for Booth items***

1555 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(888) 579-8544

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Main Registration
TCFG will make your hotel reservations. Group guest room rates will apply three days prior and three days following the event at your expense. A credit card will be needed for incidentals upon check-in. 
Day 1 (11/06/23) select your meals:
Day 1 (11/06/23) select attendee 2 meals:
Will you be attending th arrival day dinner?
Will attendee 2 be attending the arrival day dinner?
Day 2 (11/07/23) select your meals:
Day 2 (11/07/23) select attendee 2 meals:
Day 3 (11/08/23) select your meals:
Day 3 (11/08/23) select attendee 2 meals:

Your Registration is successful!

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